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Crayon Physics Deluxe, The Swapper, Environmental Station Alpha developers announce a new studio

HELSINKI, FINLAND – 13th July 2017 – Nolla Games, an independent game studio formed by creators of the acclaimed indie titles Crayon Physics Deluxe, The Swapper and Environmental Station Alpha announced today its existence

Operating under the radar for the past four years, Nolla Games was formed by Petri Purho, Olli Harjola and Arvi Teikari, independent game developers who have in total released over a hundred tiny, experimental games, along with some bigger titles.

The announcement of the new studio coincides with the release of mysterious footage on YouTube, recorded inside Nolla Games’ in-house Falling Everything Engine. The footage sees the studio’s logo melting, burning, shattering, evaporating, eroding, corroding and exploding into tiny bits.

Nolla Games is working on a new title that heavily utilizes the simulation enabled by the Falling Everything Engine. The team has been working on the game for the past four years and plans to announce it soon.

Falling Everything Engine is an in-house labor of love. A true love child. Handcrafted in the finest C++ without exceptions, using only hand picked, organic, free license libraries. The engine allows large-scale, physics-based worlds, where everything consists of interactive, simulated pixels with varying chemical and physical properties: some are liquid, some are gas-like, some are sand, some form larger rigid bodies.

To celebrate the announcement of Nolla Games, Petri, Arvi and Olli are going to do a livestream on https://www.twitch.tv/nollagames at 11 AM PST July 13, 2017. The three guys will be playing a random selection of the over 100 games that they’ve created.

Mysterious in-engine footage:


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About Petri Purho

Petri Purho is best known as the creator of the IGF Seumas McNally Grand Prize winning Crayon Physics Deluxe. In his youth he also made a lot tiny freeware games. He has also made a bunch of board games, but he hasn't told about it to anyone. So please keep it a secret.

About Olli Harjola

Olli is best known for The Swapper, an IndieCade award winning (among others) narrative-heavy puzzle game released in 2013. He sometimes goes to game jams to fix bugs on his new, secret programming language while he should be making games.

About Arvi Teikari

Arvi Teikari is also known as Hempuli. Over the years he has released a lot of tiny experimental games, so many in fact that he doesn’t remember of all of them. One of the games he remembers making is Environmental Station Alpha.


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